Blogs and Projects

The CoCo is alive and well in 2017, 37 years after it’s release, there are still hardware and software projects going on, extending the life and functionality of this incredible machine, here is a list of some of the things we’re aware of, please let us know if we’ve missed something, if you have a project site of your own, please let us know, love to feature it.

Mattechnology HomebrewMatteo Oliviero TrevisanBlog
Sub-Etha SoftwareAllen HuffmanBlog
Exstructus BlogBrian JoyceBlog
cocoman.orgJason ReighardBlog
Can Ken make CoCo Software?Can Ken Make it? CoCo SoftwareKen ReighardBlog
FrankendiaryTim LindnerBlog
CoCo on SpectrumMatteo Oliviero TrevisanBlog
Return of the BeastSteewart OrchardDevelopment
Dunjunz & DragonsCiaran AnscombDevelopment
Nick Marentes' project/archive siteNick MarentesDevelopment
Forest of Doom!D. Bruce Moore and Jacob MooreDevelopment
CoCoBootBrett GordonDevelopment
Return to ROMJon DayDevelopment
Optimizing Assembly Code Glen HewletDevelopment
The Making of FarhfallJohn W. LinvilleDevelopment
Retro PortsMark McDougalDevelopment
Porting Pac-Man from Z-80 to 6809Glen HewlettDevelopment
8-bit CoderLee PattersonDevelopment
Stupid VDG TricksJohn W. LinvilleDevelopment
GitHub repository of CoCo projectsRichard CavellDevelopment
Color Computer 3 game coding exampleRick AdamsDevelopment
CoCo3 Game DevHugo DufortDevelopment
CoCoVGA - VGA output for the CoCo 1/2Brendan DonaheHardware
CoCo3 RGB-to-SCART-to-HDMIBarry NelsonHardware
CoCoSDCDarren AtkinsHardware
Tandy CoCo Loco - FPGS RGB-2-VGACoCoDemusHardware
Retro InnovationsJim BrainHardware
The ZippsterZoneEd SniderHardware
Grant's 6-chip 6809 computerGrantHardware
CoCo 1 composite video outputBarry NelsonHardware
StrongwareJohn StrongHardware
CoCo3 FPGAGary BeckerHardware
FUZIX (Unix like OS)Brett GordonOperating Systems
Episodes in TimeIan NorleyRestoration
Sock Master's Site John Kowalski aka Sock MasterSoftware
Coco Spectrum 128k EmulatorMatteo Oliviero TrevisanSoftware
YACCS (Yet another Color Computer site)Diego BarizoSoftware
DriveWire!Aaron WolfeUtility

Roger Taylor’s Matchbox CoCo project:

These pages are by no means complete, so if there is something missing, please email and let us know, we want to feature as much CoCo as we can.