Dungeons of Daggorath

Dungeons of Daggorath!  If there was a Color Computer Hall of Fame, this game would be in it, arguably one of the most memorable games ever created for the CoCo, and running in only 16K of RAM, Dungeons of Daggorath was a 3D, first person perspective dungeon crawler type game, where you had to navigate 5 levels of the dungeon, each an intricate maze filled with a variety of creatures, monsters, evil knights, and the evil wizard!  The game was unique on so many levels, the simulation of lighting, depth, distance and scaling, the sound of the enemies you could hear before you could see them, and the actual heart beat within the game really got your pulse pumping with the game.  There are a handful of sites with some information about this game, if you know of more, let us know so I can get them added!

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